Talented and Gifted Program at CPE

Mr. Kuhlman

Mr. Kuhlman is our TAG coordinator at CPE.  His email is:  Jason.Kuhlman@district6.org



A little bit about TAG…

The Oregon Talented and Gifted Act, which was passed by the legislature in 1987, requires school districts to identify and serve both intellectually gifted and academically talented students in grades K-12.  The Act was revised in 1995 and Administrative Rules rewritten.  Bend-La Pine Schools has established policies and procedures for implementing these rules.

Central Point Elementary School is committed to providing a quality education for all students.  We recognize that every student comes to us as an individual with unique abilities, talents, and needs.  We believe it is our responsibility, as educators, to provide appropriate instructional programs and a supportive environment, which allow and encourage every child to realize his/her potential.

We further recognize and respect the unique intellectual, emotional, and social needs of our talented and gifted (TAG) students.  Some of these students differ from the norm in significant ways.  They may need a different kind of educational program- one that takes into account their abilities, interest, and learning styles.  We are committed to developing and refining a TAG program, which gives our TAG students, like all our students, the very best, that education has to offer.

Click on this link to view the TAG Syllabus-TAGWebsiteSyllabus